Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding, North Canton OH

Say Goodbye to an Unsightly Tree Stump

Schedule stump grinding services in Hartville, North Canton or Uniontown, OH

Did you get a tree removal service that left your stump behind? Not only is a leftover stump unsightly, but it can also act as a tripping hazard and attract unwanted pests to your yard. Jarvis Tree Service LLC can help you avoid these issues with our stump grinding services.

You can remove your stump and its roots up to two feet deep while feeling confident that no gas or water lines will be damaged. You can even get cleanup services for an additional fee. To set up a stump removal appointment in Hartville, North Canton or Uniontown, OH, reach out to our veteran-owned company right away.

3 ways to use wood chips from a stump removal

When you get our stump grinding services, your stump will be turned into wood chips. You can then use these chips as:

  • Mulch in your garden or flowerbed
  • Natural walkway material
  • Yard compost

Don't wait to get rid of your stump. Get a free estimate for our stump removal services now.